It’s 1:30 am on a Tuesday. My boyfriend is in bed next to me snipping GIFS from Un chant d’amour for a presentation he’s preparing. I’m trying to snuggle him, stuck somewhere between watching what he’s doing on his laptop and dwelling on how it feels teaching rope. As I watch Lucien Sénémaud dance, all […]

In erotic rope bondage we first have to free ourselves from the tyranny. There are four: The tyranny of the tying person, the tyranny of the tied person, the tyranny of eroticism, and most importantly, the tyranny of the rope. — @Barkas riffing on Peter Greenaway “Psychoanalysis is about what two people can say to each […]

I’ve put a little site together with a presenter bio and the classes I teach. If you’re curious about what I teach and the events I organize, feel free to browse and contact me.